This tutorial will teach you how to create a board game using Microsoft Excel.

The first step is to set up our cells as perfect squares.
Hold the 'Ctrl' key and press 'a'. This will highlight the entire page:

While the cells are highlighted, click 'Format' on the Menu Bar.

Then, click 'Cells'.


Then, click the 'Alignment' tab at the top of the window.

Under 'Text Alignment', set 'Horizontal' and 'Vertical' to Center, then click 'Wrap Text'

When you click 'OK' it will return you to your page. "WHAT? NOTHING HAPPENED!"
It doesn't look like anything is different, but you just instructed Excel to center any text that you
input into a cell. This is extremely important for your board game to look profressional when it's done.

Now we make the cells into perfect squares:

Make sure your cells are all still highlighted, if they aren't press 'Ctrl-a' again to get them highlighted.

Now click 'Format' again, then 'row' and 'height'.

Change the number in the window from '12.75' to '48' and click 'OK'


Your screen should now look like this:


Now it's time to make our game!

To make your game simply use the 'border' icon on your Format Bar to outline each space.
I like to use the "Thick Box Border" because it stands out best.

Once you've outlined your board, you can start filling in the spaces using the paint can icon:


Be sure to spice it up with some clip art when you are finished. Create a rules sheet in Microsoft Word.

Here are some example games:

cow game board.xls - Simple Game
snake game board.xls - More Complicated Game
dragon game board.xls - Totally Awesome Game